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15X in 24 hours

Game streamers, sign up now to earn money from advertisers

Advertisers connect your brands with game streamers instantly

On going sign up!

Rewards are given on a first come first served basis


The First 100 game streamers will receive $5 Each


Loan grant awarded to KYC verified streamers

Rare NFTs

will be given away to both streamers and viewers

TBA: Sign-up bonus mechanics 

Scale your streaming campaign

Bimp Streaming dApp lets you buy media and scale influencer campaigns just like you would buy an ad on Youtube or Facebook. Launch your campaign, choose your target audience, and get matched with the right content streamer.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Facebook Gaming

Coming soon!

Bimp is building the next-gen defi technology that will connect game streamers and advertisers into one defi platform.

Imagine thousands of game streamers are organized under the Bimp streaming overlay platform, our defi technology will simplify and democratize ad placement monetization.

The future of Stream to Earn is here!
Bimp has created the first and only streaming overlay dapp that will track streaming performance, analytics and reward game streamers in real-time.

How it works?

Screen Overlay dApp

Streamers will use our dApp as an overlay on their streaming screen to display paying advertisers while they are casting.

Submit the streamlink

Streamers will need to submit their stream-link on the dApp to start the token monetization process.

Stream and earn

Game streamers will now simply play the game they love and make money doing it. 

Some nerdy stuff

Bimp is building a dApp technology that will track the streaming duration of every registered streamer.

Real-time BStar streaming rewards will be possible by creating a scorecard alogrithm based on streamer's previous and future stream performance history and data analytics.

Our dApp design layout is already built for streaming overlay purposes. Users can use any streaming software like OBS or StreamLabs to cast their screen on top of the Bimp dApp, submit their stream link and start the monetization process.

Whitepaper and ad-placement revenue tokenomics for stream to earn will be released in a few weeks.

What can you do with BStars?

Convert to other tokens


Send to Gcash

Philippines only

Send to your Bimp friends

S2E mini roadmap

✔️Completed, 🔨Ongoing,  ⏳Not yet started

✔️ Overlay dapp design

✔️ Overlay test stream done

🔨 BStar tokens SC development

🔨 Stream to earn whitepaper

⏳ BStar tokens testnet

⏳ BStar tokens mainnet

⏳ Beta launch of stream-to-earn

⏳ First 100 streamers on-boarded

⏳ Onboard paying advertisers

⏳ More marketing exposure

⏳ Bimp buyback from ad-revenue

⏳ Increase BNB pool from ad-revenue

⏳ More marketing exposure

⏳ Technology partnerships

Are you an adverstiser?

We are perfect for both crypto and non-crypto game projects.

Pay using major cryptocurrencies.
Submit your banner, logo, and other infos and watch your banner ad fly on all screens of game streamers when they go live.

launching soon

Are you a game streamer?

Be part of the first 200 game streamer sign-ups and receive 500 BStar tokens in your wallet. 

Minimum of 500 Facebook followers with at least 3 months of game streaming content.


eSports Betting Dapp
dApp Betting is the future.
No sign-ups, no KYC, tokens and rewards stay in your wallet.

Next phase of the development is to open the betting technology to eSports communities and allow them to generate their own betting revenue.


Bimp will be a project that generates revenue from its betting infrastructure, NFT merchandise sales and ad-placement platform. Part of the revenue tokenomics is to fund the BNB claim rewards pool as a form of daily dividend to all long-term holders.


Bimp long-term holders get to enjoy winning more Bimp tokens and rare NFTs in the Bimp lottery. Lottery runs every 3 hours - 24/7.

Be careful of scammers, below are our official social media accounts:

Please double-check and delete everything else. 

Admins will not DM you and they will not ask for money.

Know more

why Bimp will be the next biggest thing in defi, e-sports, and game streaming


2% Redistribution

Long-term holders are rewarded with more Bimp tokens on every transaction. Watch your tokens grow in your wallet without the need for staking.

4% Liquidity

Each trade contributes to providing more liquidity into the project, keeping the project stable and its price floor continuously increasing.

4% BNB Rewards Pool

All buys, sells, and transfers are taxed and sent to the rewards pool for BNB claiming of long-term holders.



Our entire team and advisors have redesigned the entire smart contract. Bimp has the latest improvement of anti-whale mechanism.


10% if <= 0.1%, 
12% if <= 0.2%, 
16% if <= 0.4%, 
20% if <= 0.8%, 
24% if <= 1.6%, 
30% if > 1.6%

applicable on all buys, sells and transfers


The penalty funds shall be redistributed to our contract tokenomics of 2% liquidity, 4% holders, and 4% BNB rewards pool.

"BIMP is the new simp" and "BNB in my pocket"; these catchwords give this upcoming crypto project a fresh and unique appeal among the dog-infested defi 

With the Lottery Battlefield DApp, BIMP's Simp community will be engaged daily. More importantly, the Lottery Battlefield will serve as an infrastructure to fairly


Maria Gaming
Hail Gaming

Games being played now


✔️Completed, ⭐Major milestone, 🔨Ongoing


✔️ Smart contract deployed

✔️ Test anti-whale mechanism

✔️ Whitepaper published

✔️ Gitbook published

✔️ Bimp lottery dapp deployed

✔️ BNB claim dapp deployed

✔️ NFT money dapp deployed

✔️ Bimp lottery integration

✔️ DYOR page published

Project Infrastructure

Phase 1

Use Case & Design

✔️ NFT merchandise minted

✔️ Recruit female streamer

✔️ Meme page published

✔️ NFT membership card

✔️ "Bimp is the new simp" music

✔️ Lottery UI redesigned

✔️ Bimp rap music

✔️ Pre-sale tutorial page

✔️ Live streaming coverage

Phase 2

Presale & Coin listing

Phase 3

✔️ Lottery whitelisting 

✔️ Whitelist presale

✔️ Public presale

✔️ Pancakeswap listing

✔️ Coingecko listing

✔️ Coinmarketcap listing

✔️ PooCoin banner ads

✔️ CoinSniper listing

⏳ Blockfolio listing

Marketing & Support

Phase 4

✔️ Esports tournament

✔️ NFT money airdrop

✔️ Chat support team

✔️ Yahoo finance publication

✔️ Benzinga publication

⏳ Bloomberg publication

⏳ Paid Twitter influencers

⏳ Upvoting services

Q4 2021

Phase 5

✔️ Bimp inBAESion
✔️ The Maharajas of CODM Registration

Multinational E-Sports Tournament S2

 Testnet Ad Placement dapp

⏳ Testnet of BStar tokens

⏳ Mainnet of ad placement dapp

⏳ Mainnet of BStar tokens

Onboarding of first 100 streamers

⏳ Onboarding of paying advertisers 

Q1 2022

 Testnet Bimp fintech lending

 Gcash payment integration

 Target of 500 streamers

Multinational E-Sports Tournament S3

Phase 6

Q2 2022

Phase 7

 Partnership with streaming tools

 Mainnet Bimp fintech lending

 Target of 5000 streamers

 100 loan grants

Multinational E-Sports Tournament S4

Q3 - Q4 2022

Phase 8

 Target of 10,000 streamers

 Target of 1,000 loan grants

 Start dev. of Bimp streaming software

Multinational E-Sports Tournament S5

 Cross-chain development

3D Printable NFT

3D print the Bimp sculptures, post on your social media and win the limited edition Bimp NFT sculptures for FREE.

Ask for the 3D file from our admins.

Betting on My Bae - Luccidamus (prod. by RK BeatZzz ) Official MV
00:00 / 00:50
Bimp Move Hunneds - Luccidamus (Prod. PRP Nic)
00:00 / 05:06
bimp is the new simp EDMDJ ivnabass
00:00 / 03:12
bimp is the new simp EDMDJ ivnabass
00:00 / 03:12