Site under construction.
Pre-sale whitelisting will be announced through the Defy Telegram group. 

Earn BNB on every transaction









BNB in my pocket

Rich simps are bimps


Why invest in BIMP?

Project is unruggable

We are the same developers behind DEFY token and Khuriya project.

Defy and Khuriya brand is at stake. Project will be audited twice before launch.

Whitelisting of presale through lottery. Max of 0.1 BNB only per wallet.

We are the next HODL token

Did you miss HODL's $200M Mcap?

We have the latest improvement on HODL's  anti-whale mechanism.

BIMP holders can now have a peace of mind  while earning more BNBs in their pockets.

Trillion-dollar market

We are a mix of all good things in this world

Pervs + Simps + Degens +
OnlyFans + IsMyGirl + Alua + Online streamers + Premium NFT + exclusive marketplace + Defi gamification + BNB passive income.

Funniest project in defi

The most successful meme projects are the ones that are very simple and funny as hell.

BIMP is the biggest thing to come for crypto simps.

Once we unite all simps in the world, we are easily a top 100 CoinGecko project.


We are ready to go beyond crypto

Partnership with DEFY premium NFT

We have full exclusive use of DEFY NFT production machinery.

All of our BIMP girls can request for NFT designing from DEFY artists, computer rendering and minting that are already built by DEFY for the Bimp project.

Our Bimp girls will sell NFT merchandise

Fan merch sales are a huge market but currently suffers from regional limitation. 

Bimp NFTs can be sold by Bimp girls just like how they sell traditional merchandise but this time around the potential of sales is global and unlimited.

We have royalties on NFTs sold

DEFY is building an exclusive NFT marketplace where all Bimps can buy, sell and trade limited NFTs from Bimp girls.

We will have income even during the bear market

Our NFT business model covers traditional online merch sales of Bimp girls through NFTs.

The simp market can sustain the Bimp project even during the crypto bear market.

Built before presale launch

are you effin tired of a lot of promises before launch and nothing gets built for years


Claiming  web3 dapp is already built and rock-solid before launch.

Simply connect your wallet and enjoy claiming your BNBs daily.


Our strategic partnership with DEFY allows us to tap their existing NFT infrastructure to quickly produce high quality premium NFTs for our Bimp fan boys.


Defy has already built a fully functional lottery game exclusive for our Bimp holders. 

Hodl is boring, use your Bimp tokens to play for FREE on our lottery battlefield.


We will have a social link aggregator that will be part of the Bimp infrastructure.

All Bimp girls can easily showcase all their social media links to their Bimp fanboys.