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NFT Money in Crypto

Bimp is the first ever to create NFTs that are backed by real tokens.

Win an NFT money by playing in the lottery or being a new holder of Bimp.

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Bimp NFT money functions as both an NFT art and a community reward asset. Whenever the project hits a certain marketcap as indicated. The holder of the NFT asset can trade it anytime to claim the equivalent reward of Bimp token.

Genesis Bimp
#ID: 001

Achieved Marketcap

Bimp rewards

$2 Million

$5 Million

$15 Million

$25 Million ⭐

$1 Billion

$2 Billion

2.5 Billion BIMP ($5)

10 Billion BIMP ($50)

15 Billion BIMP ($225)

50 Billion BIMP ($1250)

50 Billion BIMP ($50,000)

50 Billion BIMP ($100,000)

1 BNB = 350 BUSD Conversion at the time of minting

BIMP NFT money is ready all the way until we reach a billion dollar marketcap



Frequently asked questions

How do I win an NFT money?

You can win an NFT money in several ways.
1. Be one of the first to buy Bimp whenever there's a promotion announced.
2. Join the lottery at
3. Accomplish community social sharing tasks
4. Join the referral rewards program

More details will be announced soon

How much can I receive when I claim?

Rewards are in the range of $5 to $500 and above. The NFT money represents a goal for the entire community and the rewards are given back through providing liquidity behind the NFTs distributed.

Can I sell the NFT money to other people?

Yes. However, we don't have the NFT marketplace up and running so people who want to exchange may have to do it through a peer to peer trust system.

Make sure you know and trust the person you are transacting with before you conduct any trade.

Can I keep the NFT money after claiming the reward?

No. The NFT money works like a bank check where you have to trade it to get the equivalent value.

If you want to trade your nft money go to the dapp at

We will release an NFT art collectible in the near future for Bimp art fans.

Explain the amount shown on the NFT money?

Marketcap achieved
Once a marketcap level has been achieved the corresponding reward can be claimed through the dapp

USD is show for appreciation purposes but the reward shall be in equivalent Bimp tokens.

⭐️The star symbol represents the highest Bimp token equivalent that can be claimed per NFT money.

1 Billion and 2 Billion dollar marketcap is shown for appreciation purposes only.

USD value on the money may change once the value of BNB against the dollar also changes.