BIMP Presale Journey

Lottery Whitelisting

July 14 - 20
566 Total Whitelisted Addresses
July 27 - 29

Public Pre-sale

The hard cap of 1000 BNB was achieved on July 29, 5 AM UTC
July 30, 6 AM UTC

Listed on Coingecko

July 21 - 27

Whitelisted presale 

The soft cap of 750 BNB was achieved in 1 hour and 36 minutes! after the Whitelisted presale opened.
July 29, 6AM UTC

Listed on PancakeSwap

Starting market cap of $650,000
July 31, 4 AM UTC

Listed on Coinmarketcap

Current number of Bimp holders


Current marketcap



4% BNB Claiming

4% Liquidity

2% Redistribution

Pure fair launch

Fair Whitelisting

Anti Whale 

No unfair tactics

⭐️Bimp is a pure fair launched project. Price during the presale period is the same until listed on PancakeSwap. 

⭐️No discounted price and no special treatment to anyone!

⭐️No pre-mined tokens. Devs, marketing team, and advisors used their own money and bought like everyone during the presale.

BIMP Tokenomics

Untitled design (4).png

10% BURN

will be sent to a dead wallet address that will suck in more token redistribution and make the Bimp token supply deflationary


will be used progressively to add more BNB to everyone's claim incentivizing long-term holders.


To protect the momentum of the project, marketing funds will only be liquidated the 2nd month after launch, and in progressive stages until 1 year


No team tokens, devs, marketing team, and advisors will buy during the presale like everyone else.

Fair launch FAQs

What makes you say that this is a fair launch project?

  • Our goal is to make the listing price on pancake swap equal to the presale price.

What's the benefit of buying during presale?

What's the benefit of buying during presale, when the price is just the same as the listing price?

  • Logically, the price will only go up because there's no benefit to selling once it has been listed.
  • Presale price is the lowest possible price for Bimp.
  • Since this is a pure fair launch project, the presale price will be the same for everyone even for the devs.
  • It's risky to wait for the token to get listed, the price is expected to rapidly increase after the first few minutes of being listed.

Will the price dump upon listing on pancake swap?

Post-presale dumping is common for other tokens when they are not fairly launched.

When devs and private investors buys their tokens at a significantly lower price compared to presale buyers the price is expected to dump.

Bimp fair launching will not dump after presale because there's no benefit to the early presale buyers, again listing price will be equal to presale price.

What makes you say that the presale whitelisting is fair?

  • Our whitelisting process is based on a lottery system.
  • Our lottery system is based on DEFY token holdings.
  • DEFY tokens can be purchased by anyone.
  • If anyone can buy the DEFY tokens then anyone can be part of the BIMP whitelisting process.

How can I be sure you won't rug this project?

  • BIMP's smart contract is fully created by the DEFY developers to ensure that all codes will not have any rugpull mechanisms and the launch will not have any unfair tactics.
  • DefyDefi will deploy the contract and make sure that the liquidity generated is secured and locked for 1 year.
  • The vision, roadmap and the amount of work already done on Bimp and Defy is way bigger than what the team can gain from simply rug-pulling the project.
  • Bimp will be audited twice. One before launch and the next right after


Presale FAQs

How to buy BIMP tokens during the presale?

You can either join the whitelisting event which is fairly easy or wait for the public presale that will sell all unsold tokens from the presale whitelisting event.

How do I get whitelisted?

  1. Join the battlefied to register your address
  2. Connect your wallet and participate in the battlefield event
  3. Your participation in the lottery even automatically gets your wallet whitelisted

Why do I have to buy DEFY tokens to get whitelisted?

DEFY already has the lottery infrastructure that we can use for whitelisting.

Buying DEFY and joining the lottery eliminates the participation of bots that are looking to abuse and exploit the presale period.

Why do we have to do a lottery for the presale whitelisting?

Our lottery dapp prevents bot buying
The lottery game will whitelist all addresses who simply participates and winning in the lottery will earn you more Bimp tokens, and NFT monies.

Can I join the BIMP presale without participating in the lottery?

Yes, but only on the public presale round.
There will be 100 BNB allocated for the publc presale with a max buy of 0.1 BNB per wallet. This will be a first come first served basis.

Do I have to pay to join the lottery?

No. The main objective of the lottery is the create a fun and fair whitelisting process for the upcoming presale of Bimp.

You will NOT pay for anything when you join, you will NOT lose your tokens when you play.
In fact, you can even win more tokens and NFT prizes by simply the lottery event.

I already bought during the whitelisted event, can I buy more during the public presale?


All unsold tokens during the whitelisted event will be sold in the public presale event.

Early whitelisted buyers can use the same wallet again to top up during the public sale round

Whatever is unsold during the presale will be burned to make the presale price equal to the listing price. (full documentation of burning will be provided)