Play to earn scholarship for Call of Duty mobile

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Why is it a big deal?

Biggest ever CODM prize pool of $3,000

Who can join?

For the first round, the tournament will open for the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore region. Next rounds will open in other regions across the world.

Registration will open soon

  1. Register your team name.

  2. Register CODM userid under the team and their blockchain wallet ID.

How to qualify to join?

Player wallet address should have at least 1 Billion Bimp tokens or more

Your team wallet should have a total of 100 Billion Bimp tokens or more

If your team lacks the necessary tokens, you can look for sponsors to meet the 100 Billion Bimp requirement for the team.

Is there an entrance fee to join the tournament?

Yes. It will be 100 dollars for each team to participate in the tournament.

$3000 prize pool breakdown

Champion: $500 BUSD and $500 in Bimp tokens

2nd place: $250 BUSD and $250 in Bimp tokens

3rd place: $125 BUSD and $125 in Bimp tokens

4th place: $75 BUSD and $75 in Bimp tokens

5th place: $55 BUSD and $50 in Bimp tokens

Prize breakdown:

40% goes to the team and sent to the blockchain id of the team.

30% is divided proportionately among the wallet holders

30% goes to the investor of the 100 dollar participation fee

Why join the Bimp Esports tournament?

Instant payout, winnings will be paid in BUSD direct to the wallet of winners.

Team managers can sponsor any team and still maintain anonymity

Borderless and permissionless.
Any team can register, play and win pool prizes.