Bimp is a high-fidelity meme project that took almost half a year to launch.

Bimp checks all the boxes of being the next biggest meme coin in Binance Smart Chain. Bimp is interpreted both as "Bimp is the new simp" or "BNB in my pocket". It has a fresh and unique appeal among the dog-infested defi market. 


The technology behind Bimp is truly something special.
They have built a lottery battlefield dapp that will keep the community engaged daily. More importantly, the lottery battlefield will serve as an infrastructure to fairly whitelist everyone for the upcoming presale launch. 


Bimp can either be a strong meme contender at the start and later on catapult to be a long-term use case project for female game streamers looking to have an NFT merchandise platform.


Real organic community behind Bimp

Even before the presale launch, the community has grown to a healthy organic fanbase of 1,400 telegram members and 4,500 twitter followers as of this writing. 


Bimp has fully built its technology roadmap even before the launch

There are 3 new dapps that have been built for the Bimp project. 

(1) BNB claim dapp, (2) NFT money dapp and (3) lottery battlefield dapp. These new dapps are created to continuously reward holders of earning and winning more BNB and Bimp tokens while they hold the Bimp project for the long term.


BNB claim rewards act as an insurance to holders

The BNB claim function on the smart contract will allow holders to claim BNBs daily. The developers believe that the BNB claim can also act as a form of insurance to discipline every holder to liquidate their earnings in BNB. 


It is projected that early investors can quickly recover their investment from the BNB rewards alone even without even selling any of their Bimp tokens.


Whale dumping will be a thing of the past

Did you know HODL and Moonrat's anti-whale mechanism is flawed? The developers of Bimp have tested their smart contract so many times and found out that whale transactions can still happen without any penalty. The entire anti-whale smart contract was redesigned making it the latest improvement in the market. All taxed transactions are given back to the community through the same tokenomics of auto-redistribution, auto-liquidity and BNB rewards.


Bimp is truly built for the little simps who wants to buy and be a long-term Bimp.


Fairness and integrity above everything else

The Bimp project was built and will be launched under the DefyDefi IDO. There are too many sophisticated scams that are going on in defi. The only way to ensure that none of these scams would penetrate our project is through the creation of a closed-system IDO launchpad. Bimp will be a fully backed project of the team. DefyDefi's brand is at stake. Fully audited already before the launch and will be audited again right after the launch.


Keeping investors fund SAFU

SAFU (safety of user funds) is at the very center of what we do. Keeping SAFU can anywhere be from a strong project concept, well built and heavily tested smart contracts design and last but not the least an infrastructure of filtering and eliminating bot participation in the presale. 


This is why Bimp and DefyDefi has painstakingly created a lottery dapp that will ensure that all crypto mafias and bot buys will have a hard time participating in the whitelisted presale lottery process. The presale launch is designed for serious investors who are sharing the vision and mission of the Bimp and DefyDefi project for the long term.


Strength in numbers

The 1000 BNB presale hardcap is meant to put a lot of new and small investors at the starting line and grow together. The devs are determined to change the culture in defi. There will be no team token allocation, everyone will have the same price on presale all the way until listing on pancake swap. No discount and no special treatment to anyone. Devs, marketing team, advisors will use their own money and buy like everyone else during the presale.


About the Bimp project and the DefyDefi team in Binance Smart Chain.


If you will do your research on Bimp, you can easily tell that it is a well built high quality project in crypto. They believe in the saying of "less is more", that it is best to build a high-quality moon shot project once or twice a year than to build daily shitcoin meme projects that are meant to die in the short term.


Bimp is brought to you by the team of DefyDefi, a team that prides itself on being an integrity-driven group first rather than being a technology-driven team in crypto. 


The team has been working together for an average of 10 years and in the field of tech for more than 15 years. The team is determined to build all the necessary team and infrastructures to provide a safe ecosystem and a high probability for investors to win in defi.



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